About RedDog’s pack

Two humans, three dogs, a 40′ RV and a load of bicycles, kayaks, camera gear and all kinds of creature comforts. This is our fifth year of traveling. Our official ambassador is Red Ryder, our fox red Labrador Retriever. It’s his big brown eyes you stare into when you hit our blog. Second in command is Henry, the Jack Russell Terrier. We rounded out our group in 2017 with Gumbo, another fox red Lab.

The original Red Dog, Ryder
L-R: Gumbo, Henry, Ryder

Want to meet our dogs? Here’s a link to their stories

Ryder (The original Red Dog)



5 thoughts on “About RedDog’s pack

  1. Allan

    Can’t think of a better way to see our beautiful country, but I didn’t see golf clubs in your list. Plus your RV is a lot bigger than the one that I had that I am sure Ben remembers. Walmart wasn’t around then, so fees and campgrounds that could accommodate us were a problem. Have a great and safe trip.


    1. We’ll take the clubs to Florida, we’ll have plenty of other stuff to do on this trip! Wal Mart, Sam’s Club, Cracker Barrel, even casinos cater to RVers for overnight parking, as long as you ask nicely and are courteous. Smart marketing tool, and it does save a bundle if you’re driving through. It’s not considered kosher to spend more than a night–two at the most.

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  2. Don’t know where you come in Florida, but I am going to be moving to Naples in Oct-Nov. So hope to see you when you are down here. I may even have a dog by then. Bought Jamie a Persian kitten but he is in Ohio now. I am sure she will be in Florida with him most of the winter.


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