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June 30, 2015 I closed the door of my office for the last time and climbed into an RV with my husband Ben and our three dogs. I started writing about our travels soon after and created a blog because these days it’s what people do. I take photos and write about people, places and things in attempt to describe RV life with canines.

As we planned our retirement we talked about what we wanted to do. Travel of some kind was definitively in the plan, but where and how? We’ve both done our share of international travel. Flying though, has lost its appeal in the last few years though, as has staying in hotels, rental cars and all that jazz. We decided we’d much rather take time to explore the land mass known as North America.

This blog is mainly intended to be a way to tell you what is going on in our lives as we embark on an adventure. If you’ve read this far then I thank you for that. I hope you find the blog entertaining at best, and at the very least, a cautionary tale about traveling in an RV.

Most days are great, a handful are awful, and other days are–well, you can read about that here. See you down the road one day.

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It can be a rough life.