Hide and Recycle

We recycle, and we usually have more recyclable trash to the point where we don’t put the regular bin out weekly. I scrapped our Kerurig coffeemaker (I have a zillion of those refillable K-cup things if anyone needs them) and went back to a regular coffeepot so that we wouldn’t be tempted by plastic K-cup … More Hide and Recycle

Two Citadels

We spent a week in the Charleston area. We stayed at a lovely county park with a campground located between Folly Beach and Charleston. It had hiking and biking trails, a dog park, RV and primitive campgrounds, a boating lake and water park. If we weren’t tooling around the park, we were at nearby Folly … More Two Citadels


Just before we left for this trip, I bent our car. I was trying to pull around a friend’s car and mis-judged the turning ratio of my the Subaru, resulting in a creased door panel and a dent in the wheel well. A few days later we pulled into a campground to stay for one … More Bernardo

Some Dogs Are Like That: A Love Letter

I’ve mentioned before that dogs are ubiquitous among RV travelers. To be sure you will also find cats, birds, ferrets, guinea pigs, real pigs and all manner of other critters cruising the highways with their owners, but the predominant companion animal is the canine. Traveling with a dog or any animal requires infinite patience on the part … More Some Dogs Are Like That: A Love Letter