Out of our group  of friends, one or both of the people in each RV is a dedicated fisher, with the exception of me and Ben. I’m comfortable in my observer role, and it’s been fun to watch a few of our friends at their sport. Each fish species has a season it may be caught … More Fishers

Away of Life

I’ve traveled quite a lot in the past few years, and I’ve learned there are three ways to be Away. There is “ Away on Vacation.” another is “Vacation Away” and the last I’ll call “Home Away.” I’m going to talk mostly about the last, but let me define previous two conditions, just so that … More Away of Life

Hide and Recycle

We recycle, and we usually have more recyclable trash to the point where we don’t put the regular bin out weekly. I scrapped our Kerurig coffeemaker (I have a zillion of those refillable K-cup things if anyone needs them) and went back to a regular coffeepot so that we wouldn’t be tempted by plastic K-cup … More Hide and Recycle

Two Citadels

We spent a week in the Charleston area. We stayed at a lovely county park with a campground located between Folly Beach and Charleston. It had hiking and biking trails, a dog park, RV and primitive campgrounds, a boating lake and water park. If we weren’t tooling around the park, we were at nearby Folly … More Two Citadels