When we planned our trip, Ben told me that we absolutely had to ride the narrow gauge rail from Durango to Silverton. I’m not totally clueless, I know that narrow gauge rail refers to a train but all my historic train rides in Ohio had been on single track laid on mostly flat ground. The … More Durango


When I’m working on a story, at some point I turn to Ben and say “want to hear what I wrote?” This usually happens while we are on the road or just before bedtime. It helps me to read aloud, as I catch errors and notice parts that need to be reworked. He is a better editor than … More Connections

Passing Markers

I’ve always been interested in graveyards. I love funeral art and reading the epitaphs that are found in older cemeteries. I never really cared for more modern cemeteries; they seem to have more rules than a condo association when it comes to what is and is not allowed. In my opinion, the worst are the … More Passing Markers


Out of our group  of friends, one or both of the people in each RV is a dedicated fisher, with the exception of me and Ben. I’m comfortable in my observer role, and it’s been fun to watch a few of our friends at their sport. Each fish species has a season it may be caught … More Fishers

Away of Life

I’ve traveled quite a lot in the past few years, and I’ve learned there are three ways to be Away. There is “ Away on Vacation.” another is “Vacation Away” and the last I’ll call “Home Away.” I’m going to talk mostly about the last, but let me define previous two conditions, just so that … More Away of Life