Zip, Zam, Zowie!

I am afraid of heights. Not paranoid, just fearful. Over the years I’ve been on top of 20 foot ladders, cliffs and other scary places and done OK. I’ve even parasailed. Then again, I’ve gotten the yips just standing on the edge of a diving board or looking down a stairwell. Then Ben said “let’s … More Zip, Zam, Zowie!

On day two of our West Virginia trip we woke to sparkling blue skies. The campground is right on the river in the midst of mountains. I made coffee and we walked dogs. I had just settled down to read the paper when Ben stalked out of the back with a grim look on his … More

Little Dude

Along with our Red Dog we travel with my little Jack Russell Terrier (JRT). I adopted him in 2008 from a friend who had found him roaming the streets. They took him in and named him “Sweet Pea.”  They learned fairly quickly that they were not equipped for such a busy little dog. They searched for his … More Little Dude