Georgia Awaits

The motorhome search is over! We’re the proud owners of a new (to us) Tiffin motorhome. It’s considerably larger than our former coach, with more slides, bells and whistles and switches. My 6’3 husband now has a comfortable feeling of headroom, and there are enough drawers for all our stuff. Think Motel 6 versus Embassy Suites.

Considerations for such a large purchase must take into account how you will use such a vehicle. The occasional weekend jaunt or “glamping” is one scenario, but a long term trip over several months or using an RV as a permanent residence is another. We are of the latter ilk. Anyone can tolerate a rainy week or so in just about any domicile, but over the long haul we (and I mean we US of course, not we YOU, right?) are much too soft a species to tolerate such inconvenience for very long. I say this as a backpacker who spent many weeks using the woods as a toilet, filtering my own water and hoping for good health and eating instant oatmeal every morning. When you’re 20 or 30 something it’s part of the experience; In our golden years it’s too much energy to spend on subsitstence. In my humble opinion.

We’ve spent the last couple months since purchase fixing things up and getting ready for the inagural trip. We have set our wheels south for Skidaway Island State Park near Savannah Georgia. We figured Georgia was far enough away to count as a major trip yet close enough to civilization that if something critical breaks down we are in shouting distance of assistance.

I am writing this from the co-pilot seat, as Ben cruises along. Henry is snoozing in his crate and Ryder alternates between the couch and his crate. The ride is so much smoother for all of us. Our old coach bucked and swayed on the road, giving new meaning to shake rattle and roll. The experience turned poor Henry into a quaking ball of fur. Not so now. On our way we’ll meander through West Virginia, Virginia, the Carolinas and finally into Georgia. Stay tuned!

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