The Big Load…

Think of an RV as a suitcase. A really, really, really BIG suitcase, one into which you can toss just about anything you believe is essential to your existence. By 3:00 this afternoon I had 8,599 steps on my fitbit, and that was logged in trips from the house to the RV. It also shows I climbed 15 flights of stairs, whatever that means in fitbit world, because there are 8 steps in my house and four steps in the RV. Some things we thought were essential to bring were: A hanging flower baskets from the front of the house. It’s riding along in the sink. A waffle iron. I learned from Pinterest that it’s possible to give the waffle treatment to refrigerated cinnamon rolls, chocolate chip cookie dough, brownies and grilled cheese sandwiches among other things. I shared this knowledge with Ben, and now the waffle iron is our companion. The last 24 hours have been slightly surreal. Yesterday at about this time (5:32 PM) I dropped my keys on my conference table at my job and walked out the door for the last time. Today I’ve been occupied with loading up the RV with enough worldly possessions to last for several weeks on the road. It just started pouring, so I am congratulating myself that I got it all done in between the raindrops. As I write this I’m enjoying an adult beverage and waiting to go out to eat–no way am I making dinner tonight, An RV is a very complicated thing. There are hydraulics, electronics and all manner of screw drives, pulleys, generators and doo-dads that are just lying in wait to thwart you in attainment of your goal, which is to arrive in a location on time with a minimal amount of hassle. We have practiced working with all the various systems, taken several road trips with friends who Know What They Are Doing and are about as ready as we can be for our first extended voyage. We leave tomorrow! Send a prayer up to the deity of your choice for us; we’ll take all the help we can get.

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