‘Merica Part 2

The campground we have had to ourselves for the week has experienced a population explosion. Most of the newly arrived people are fishers, and by the time we are having coffee, are gone for the day. In the evening, the bay across from our site is dotted with people and with fishing gear. At one of the campsites in the back today a huge pile of scallop shells appeared, which Ryder found quite interesting. Someone will be having quite a dinner tonight. Last night we went to an oyster joint called Lynn’s (yes we did meet Lynn). To get to the back deck you have to walk through the processing area, and a guy had just dropped off his catch, a huge box of beautiful silvery red fish.
The surrounding communities held the usual 4th of July festivities; parades, food, bands and beer. We spent the evening watching a line of fireworks go off all along the island across the bay from our campsite. Since there is only one route in or out from the island, we thought it best to avoid the traffic and stay put. I can’t imagine what it must be like for a hurricane evacuation.

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