The area the local tourism board calls “the forgotten coast” truly has a small town vibe. Most so-called small towns are squashed between Target, Lowe’s, Home Depot and Wal-Mart. Here there is none of that. There is a Subway and a Burger King in Apalachicola, but that’s it for the chain restaurants, and there are no big box stores. Since shrimp, oysters and other shellfish are the primary businesses, I doubt there will be a Red Lobster on the corner any time soon. We went for a late dinner one night, and noticed that customers were still coming in as we were leaving. I asked what time they closed, and one of the staff said “oh, we’re closed now but we keep serving them until they stop coming in.” The sleepy Mayberry atmosphere isn’t for everyone, and Trip Advisor is full of notes that say things like the restaurant menus are limited, and there’s little to do. However, if you like your fish yanked out of the water minutes before you eat it, birding, boating and hanging out on the beach in peace, this is the place to be. That being said, there is a surge in building on St. George Island, and property values are increasing all over. At some point the new people coming in will drive the locals into the shadows. Not too soon, I hope. Perhaps people here will realize the treasure they have and develop responsibly.
In motorhome news, we have found a radiator leak. Nothing too awful, it took an extra gallon of coolant to get to Florida, and we have another gallon stashed for the trip home. A radiator in a large diesel vehicle is an enormous thing; we will be making another pilgrimage to our new best friends Columbus Diesel when we return home for a diagnosis. A friend of ours says that the only time he doesn’t have trouble with his motorhome is when it’s parked in the garage. We’re starting to understand what he means. 
Enough of writing, it’s time to hit the beach!

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