Panhandling in Apalachicola

I can’t imagine camping here at this time of year in a tent, and I say that as a former tent camper. I recall when I was in college several friends went to Florida in July to tent camp, and I swear one of them came back with malaria. Florida summer weather is wild and changeable. Thankfully, being right on the ocean keeps the bug situation under control. Today’s forecast includes 91 degrees and 99% humidity, rip current warnings (moderate) sunburn warnings (20 minutes) and thunderstorm warnings. That being said, we’ve learned to kick back like the locals, who do things early in the morning and later in the afternoon, in accordance with the rise and fall of the day’s heat. For the rest of the time, one hunkers down in the AC, or some place with AC. The humblest shacks are festooned with AC units, toiling away for their occupants. Today we were under a severe thunderstorm warning–for about an hour. Storms are brief, but fierce. I went for a walk between storms and the birds and tree frogs were singing like crazy. Now we’re sitting under the awning with a light drizzle and a cool breeze, and windows open. Summer on the Gulf side of Florida. Nights are beautiful and tranquil, and the moon has been full the past few nights. Mornings we watch pelicans diving for fish while we have coffee. If you want to see birds and Florida critters, this is the time to be here.
Ryder has been learning to negotiate the ocean. At first he was taken aback with the waves, but on the second day he started enjoying himself. Now he plays in the surf like a pro. Henry prefers staying on the beach.

As for the RV part of life, we are settling in. I still haven’t quite figured out what we really need–although I am learning what we don’t need. We definitely need more dog towels, and sand chairs if we’re going to keep traveling to beaches (we are). Ryder has claimed the area under the right front coach tire as his observation point, and Henry sits on the bottom step. We are at home.

We’ve had the campground mostly to ourselves this week, but today more people are coming in for the July 4th weekend. We should be able to see the fireworks from our campsite. Our only neighbors this week, Ray and Barb are from Mansfield Ohio, and Barb has a cousin who was very involved “helping Deaf people in Mansfield” for many years. He’s in his 90’s. I’ll have to check with the Mansfield folks to see if they’ve ever heard of the guy. Small world.

One thought on “Panhandling in Apalachicola

  1. Janice

    I would love to see some pics of Ryder swimming in the ocean! Sounds like you are enjoying the retired life. So happy for you.


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