Wisconsin Canyon Land

Most motor home rallies take place on blacktop, and are parked barely an awning’s distance apart. It’s a lot like being in a canyon. On the plus side, the Monaco rally we are presently at is on the grounds of the Manitowoc Expo Center, (fairgrounds) and we are parked on grass, though Woodstock it ain’t. It’s more like a giant tune-up shopping and social event. For example, at the Monaco rally there are mechanics present that (for a fee) will perform maintenance on your motorhome. That may seem odd until you learn that the people have experience in your particular kind of motor home and will bring the specific parts needed for whatever needs fixing. They come right to your parking spot to do it. Today the rows are abuzz with guys in pickup trucks repairing awnings, fixing gears, tweaking slideouts, and installing stuff. The problems that seem to dog most motor homes aren’t the big things; it’s the little stuff like a switch that works intermittently or, in our case a sensor that shorts out when it rains and emits an anemic beeping noise. For hours. While you’re driving. Which we’re having fixed.

Shopping can be epic at these things. People are always looking for doo-dads to trick out their rides. If you’re on Pinterest, look up “RV decor” or just “RV” and you’ll get thousands of pins on re-working the interior or exterior of the RV. Ben has made a few purchases for the RV; solar shields for the front windows, awnings for the sides, and some kind of thingy for the TV. 

Next post: Tribal Rituals. Stay tuned!

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