The pop up roof caught Ben’s eye first, and I spotted the solar panel, so we had to check out the Toyota parked across from us. It’s a serious vehicle, acquired in Australia so it has to be tough, with an engine snorkel and serious suspension. Its owner was home, typing on his iPad. I knocked on the window (I guess Ben is rubbing off on me) and that is how we met David, the “Traveling Englishman.” He’s been traveling the world for the past 11 years in Australia, the European continent and in America. Maps taped to his window track the hundreds of thousands of miles he’s driven, 146,000 (and counting) of those miles in the US.

Note he snorkel and solar panel. This man can go anyplace!
He’s had a number of various conveyances over the years, the largest of which when he was in a relationship, because “she needed more room.” Apparently he’s downsized since then. It was raining this morning and David is having electrical troubles; according to Ben he may have alternator problems, and was going to go in search of a repair. He allowed that the western states are his favorite part of the US. The eastern states are too crowded and not so accommodating to nomads such as he. When I poked my head out the door a bit later, he was gone.
Note the plate across the top: “Wandering Englishman.” I asked if he biked a lot, and he said “Nah, only if I have to. It’s a way to get around.”
Discussing the finer points of electrical systems

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