Hanging in the Hills

We spent a few days in the Black Hills seeing the sights, most notably Rushmore and Crazy Horse memorials. We stayed at the Whispering Pines campground near Silver City, SD. The campground is situated nicely off the main highway, and has a homey quietness that we enjoy. Harley and Lisa own the place, and live on the property. Lisa breeds Vizsla dogs. Harley keeps the place humming, helps park vehicles and generally does everything needed to keep people happy. If you’re looking for a campground with lots of KOA type amenities, keep going. If you’re looking for a comfortable quiet place that is laid back in pleasant surroundings, this is the place. We woke up each morning to horses in the pasture across from us, and there was a big field where Ryder took his morning romps. Whispering Pines is in the Black Hills National Forest area, and several trailheads are nearby, in addition to a huge reservoir. While we were there a group of Jeep enthusiasts held their annual rally at Whispering Pines. We decided to stay an extra night, and we met several of the people from the rally. As one of the organizers told us; “We’ve been doing this for years! We’re too old to make a lot of noise at night.” That being said, they do all kinds of crazy rock hopping stuff. People come from many states for the privilege of bouncing over rock formations and winching Jeeps up steep cliffs. Our dogs were very popular; the group’s insurance is expensive as you might expect. Apparently a few years back someone in the rally was bitten by a dog, so dogs have been banned from the rally. Here’s a link to the campground. www.blackhillscampresort.com.

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One thought on “Hanging in the Hills

  1. sherlyn porter

    That campground looks really gorgeous. I can’t understand why people would be afraid of dogs when they are doing those crazy things with their jeeps?!!


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